Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five Apps: Build a better resume

There's no way around it, if you're in the business of working for a living long enough, you're going to need a resume. 

At some point in time, you are going to need to create (or re-create) your resume. For some, it's not a big deal; you either open up the old file or create a new version, based on your old tried and true standard. For others, however, the very thought of creating a resume is enough to send them into apoplectic fits. Where do you begin? What information do you need? How do you lay it out in a professional manner? Thankfully, you don't have to keep swimming in that sea of confusion. There are plenty of apps and sites available that will aid you in the process of creating a professional resume. I have looked under the rocks and between the crevices to find five free apps to tackle that task. And here they are.

Five Apps

1. Resume Now

Resume Now is the resume builder for the site Live Career. With this handy, on-line tool you walk through an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to create a professional resume. Resume Now offers features like: Text Tune (pick from resume samples written by industry professionals), multi-format save (.docx, .pdf, .rft, .txt, etc.), numerous templates to select from, and more. During the process of creating your first resume, you will also create an account for the Live Career site. This allows you to save resumes in progress or completed resumes that you can either use later or even build from. From your account, you can also create cover letters and even take free tests. Once you've created your resume you can download it, email it, print it, and more.

2. Career Igniter Resume Builder

Career Igniter Resume Builder is a free Android app that you can use on your tablet or your smart phone. There is no account needed, you can do a full export into MS Word format, you can email the resume, save your resume in the Resume Builder format (for later use), and save your resume to your Android device. To create a new resume you simple have to walk through the easy-to-use wizard and fill out each section completely. Once you've completed the resume, either email it or download it to your device. The only downfall to Career Igniter Resume Builder is that you must stick with their format, so even if you don't want to include an objective, you must.

3. Resume Ready Lite

Resume Ready Lite is another solid entry for resume building on the Android platform. This is the free version to Resume Ready Pro (which offers quite a lot more in the feature department), but it still does a great job of helping you to create a basic resume for your job hunt. Resume Ready Lite features: Multi-resume manager, section re-ordering, export manager, achievement blog, resume tips viewer, and much more. The lite version does limit you to two resumes and ten achievements. Many users, new to the job hunt, will appreciate the easy to use format which will make your resume not only more professional looking, but easier to put together. For those new to the world of resumes, Resume Ready Lite does a great job of hand-holding, so you know what to include.

4. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is another web-based resume tool that takes pride in holding your hand through the creation process. As you work with your resume, you can select from over fifty thousand professionally written resume phrases and buzzwords to include in carefully crafted resume templates. Once you are finished creating your resume, export it into either PDF or Microsoft Word format, so you can send that resume out in the hopes of landing your new gig. You don't have to register for an account; you simply click the Create My Free Resume and begin.

5. Resume Builder

Resume Builder is the only traditional, Windows-only, desktop app on the list. The application has a very small footprint, but you have to be careful during the installation phase or you will wind up installing numerous pieces of software you probably don't want. Simply click Deny on everything you don't want and install just the Resume Builder app. Once installed, the tool is amazingly simple to use - just add your pertinent data for each section (fill in all the blanks or you cannot move ahead. When you've completed filling in the information, you can export the resume as a .pdf or .doc file. The only caveat to Resume Builder is there is no way to format the layout - what you get is what you get. In the end, however, you will come out with a clean, professional resume.

Bottom line

There's no way around it, if you're in the business long enough, you're going to need a resume. Without that basic tool of the trade, you'll be left behind when it comes to seeking employment. Give one of these apps or services a try and see if you don't find the perfect tool to help you get started on your new career path. Good luck!